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Referral Process

Students can be referred to the school counselor by a parent/guardian, administrator, teacher/staff, or a friend by completing the referral form.

Guidance Referral Form

Keowee Elementary School Counseling Mission Statement

The mission of the Keowee School Counseling program, in cooperation with home and community, is to challenge and enable every child to learn and grow academically, socially and emotionally, within a safe and nurturing environment. 

Keowee Elementary School Counseling Vision

Keowee Elementary students will be responsible collaborative, life-long learners and leaders who are self-directed and well prepared to pursue college and career opportunities confidently in a global world.

What does the school counselor do? 

  • Promote equity and access for all students

  • Help students form healthy goals, mindsets, and behaviors

  • Teach students effective collaboration and cooperation skills

  • Help students practice perseverance

  • Help students develop time management and study skills

  • Teach self-motivation and self-direction habits

Student Services

Students may see the school counselor for small group or individual counseling to support a variety of concerns or conflicts, including:

  • Friendship Issues

  • Problem Solving

  • Academic Improvement

  • Divorce, Grief and Loss

  • Coping Skills

The Counseling Program is designed to focus on improving school climate and increasing academic performance.

School Wide Programs Include:

  • Bi-Weekly Classroom Lessons

  • Bully Prevention

  • Mentor Program

  • Crisis Intervention

Family Resources

  • Referrals for community counseling

  • Holiday Help

  • Grace’s Closet

  • Mentor Oconee Program

  • Weekend Backpack Food